1. Write in the dealt cards using the random dealer wheel or fold back pre-dealt hands in exercise booklet and slide under film overlay on whiteboard. Count HCP points for all hands.

2. Dealer opens the bidding. Use the Five Card Major Standard bidding prompt wheel. A contract is reached upon three passes after the last bid.

3. The Declarer is the person who first bid the suit that became the contact. The first card played is by the ‘Lead’ (left of Declarer) and the Declarer’s partner lays out the Dummy hand. Circle and arrow the dummy hand for ease of reference.

4. The Declarer should analyse both hands for ‘certain tricks’ if playing Notrumps or ‘Losers’ if playing in Trumps and then plan the play.

5. After all 13 tricks have been played, add up tricks for each partnership and analyse play by referencing your play with that in the Exercise Template booklet.

6. Score your hand using the scorer wheel for either Rubber or Duplicate.