The unique whiteboard template has a film overlay. Write the hand deals on the base whiteboard with a whiteboard marker and play out the hands on the film overlay.

Using the exercise template booklet, fold back the deal you choose and slide under the overlay. When you have played the hands, fold back the template booklet and compare how you bid and played with that of a grand master.

Using the unique Brain Bridge dual whiteboard system


Use the Five Card Major Standard Bidding & Responding Prompt Wheel to learn and practice the language and strategy of bidding. The wheel prompts:

  • Opener’s first and second bids.
  • Responder’s first and second responses.
  • Defenders ‘Lead’ card

Card play

Play out 10 exercise deals from the Exercise Template booklet and compare your play with that of a grand master’s play, all analysed in an easy to follow template.

The booklet also contains a DIY template to practice random or customised deals.


With the dual scoring wheel score your play