About this unique ‘Teach Yourself Bridge’ system

Teach Yourself Bridge systeThe Brainy Bridge ‘Teach Yourself Bridge’ system enables you to learn and practice Bridge anytime, anywhere, with its unique whiteboard card play template, quick reference Bidding Prompt wheel, dual Scoring wheel for both Rubber & Duplicate bridge and a fast Deal & Bid Practice wheel.

Brainy Bridge is designed to get you started and advancing with the exciting and stimulating game of Bridge using easy to follow colour coded graphics and whiteboard templates.

I have engaged Bridge experts (mostly grand masters) to submit a variety of classic exercise hands for you to use in solo practice and analyse your play against their play as displayed in the Exercise Template booklet.

I recommend you engage in a Bridge course or club to get practical experience and a deeper understanding of the game.

The Deal & Bid Practice wheel is a fast way to deal many practice hands with playing cards without laborious shuffling in between deals. The reverse side has a whiteboard bidding table to practice bidding. Welcome to Brainy Bridge.

At last… Bridge made simple.


John Brain